New price structure


Our new prices apply from 22 October 2018. For many products, we were able to reduce online net prices.

New price structure

At the same time with the new prices we also introduce a new price structure. There are two new price lists (download). On the one hand, list prices - on the other, online net prices.

The online net prices are about 9.2% lower than the list prices (rounded to the whole Euro). To put it simply, they apply to prepayments at order and if we do not have an unusually high expenditure (e.g. express delivery, terms of purchase instead of our general terms and conditions, etc.). The online net prices are displayed on the homepage and in the order form, as these will probably be used in the vast majority of cases. If you have any questions or uncertainties in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If your company has standard purchase terms or if prepayment at order is not possible, you can use the online form for requesting a quote. Just note it in the comments field. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. The terms of payment for list prices are 50% deposit at order, the remaining 50% then 30 days after delivery.


We generate around 80% of our turnover with start-ups and companies from the "creative industries". These companies are very price-sensitive and almost all order online. I.e. our prices on the homepage must be competitive. We cannot make any fantasy list prices, only to negotiate afterwards high discounts individually. We want a fair price system, where nobody has to fear paying too much just because he hasn't negotiated enough. Our best price is the online net price.

Project and volume discounts beyond this are possible from an order volume of EUR 25,000 (excl. delivery and VAT). Click here for details.

Volume discount on list price (not cumulative with online net price), for orders no later than 10-12 weeks before delivery date:

Volume EUR Maximum discount with prepayment at order
< 25k 0.00% 9.20%
> 25k 5.40% 14.60%
> 45k 8.25% 17.45%
> 65k 11.10% 20.30%
> 105k 13.95% 23.15%
> 185k 16.80% 26.00%

These are the maximum possible quantity discounts. If delivery conditions deviating from our general terms and conditions are agreed, then the discounts will be reduced accordingly.

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