Made for #DesignThinking

Award Winning Design Thinking Whiteboard



We have focused exclusively on the needs of creative professionals. Developers, architects, innovators, advertisers and designers are our target group. They are just as different from normal administrative staff as we are from the dusty flipchart in the corner. What our customers want are three things:

  1. Maximization of the visualization area.

  2. The greatest possible - and fastest possible - flexibility.

  3. Mobility with minimum space requirement.

Our focus on creative professionals is reflected not only in the big picture, but also in the very small details. For example, we have deliberately avoided using a pen holder on the boards - and instead developed the Toolbox.


As soon as I work with several whiteboards, a pen holder on the board simply doesn't make sense. A mobile toolbox within easy reach, where everything is tidied up in one place, all the more so. Even the half open handle of the toolbox was not a formal decision, but a functional one. If, for example, I want to hang up 50 printed pictures (for a moodboard or for sketches), I have to be able to store them somewhere before I can hang them up individually. The half-open handle makes it possible to place them on the toolbox.

Other examples for such details are the width of the boards of 110 cm, so that plotter prints with a standard width of 107 cm do not survive, or the non-reflecting surface of the whiteboards. And yes, we also tested and made sure that normal and not only the expensive Super-Sticky Post-it's stick well and long on the White- and Pinboards ;-)