Excellent design

Elegantes Whiteboard
A large, free-standing white sheet of paper.

This was the initial design idea. Nothing should distract the eye and the attention. No joints. No protruding frame. No reflective surfaces. No shadows. Nothing.The result is a truly puristic design. We have also followed this credo with all other products. Natural materials, timeless proportions and clear lines.

The 2m² whiteboards withstand a surface pressure of 20 tons and are light as a feather with 4 kilos. They can be connected with magnetic clips and are therefore ideal for agile work environments where fast flexibility is required. All Studiotools products can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled by one person in the shortest possible time. In no time at all, the working environment can be adapted to the situational requirements and a creative and agile working environment can be created in any room.

DesignThinking Workshop Whiteboard