Wall mounted & Mobile



We see again and again that studio tools are used parallel to fixed whiteboards or whiteboard paint. With Wall-Rails we have a solution that combines the best of both worlds. Therefore, here are the advantages of the studio tools Wall-Rails compared to permanently installed whiteboards:

  • More flexibility: The main advantage of our Wall-Rails over fixed solutions is that the boards can be exchanged quickly and easily. The boards can simply be "taken along", e.g. from room to room to work out something in groups or to continue working without blocking the room. And since the studio boards weigh only 4 kg, it is not only a theoretical possibility - we can see from our customers that this advantage is also used very often in practice.

  • More usable space: In small rooms with correspondingly few walls, for example, a project team can hang the relevant boards on the wall rails, while the remaining boards are stored in a space-saving manner.

  • Sound insulation: Our boards have a slightly sound-absorbing effect - at least a much lower sound reflection than "hard" materials such as concrete (with paint) or steel.

  • Matt surface: Our super-matt surface reflects massively less and does not become "greasy". With only one whiteboard this may not play such a role - but if all walls are high-gloss, mirror and reflect, then this already has an influence on the working atmosphere.

  • Projection surface: It is also possible to use the studio boards as a projection surface (beamer) without any problems and they can be photographed much better than glossy whiteboards.

  • Fast installation time: The initial installation of the rails takes around 10 minutes per linear metre (depending on the number). Then the studio boards can be exchanged within seconds or changed from landscape to portrait format. With whiteboard paint, it can take up to 2 weeks for the room to vent and the paint to dry out.

  • Design: It has many advantages if both the mobile and the wall-mounted whiteboards harmonize and are perfectly matched to each other.