Same room - a completely different working atmosphere


Shape Space. Shape Behavior.


Innovation = Collaboration

The story of a lonely genius in a quiet room is a myth. This genius has never existed, and never will - and everyone knows it. Innovation requires collaboration - and yet it is a paradox. On the one hand, most professional and managerial staff complain about too many meetings. On the other hand, the same people are saying that their companies are not collaborative enough. We believe that the design of meeting rooms is an essential part of this problem. The classic meeting room is formal, boring and rigid. Ideal for "administration". Innovation, however, thrives on lively exchange, joint analysis and the joint development of new solutions. The ability to visualize quickly and generously and to present basic principles on a large scale increases the chances of success and productivity enormously. A lonely flipchart in a corner is not collaborative. But more is needed to develop innovations. "Connecting the Dots" is easier if you can see the dots and connect them ad hoc visually. That's why there are studio tools - the flexible system for collaborative work environments.


The exact same room - a completely different working atmosphere


Where would you work better? Where would your best employees be? Where would collaboration be more productive? More agile? More innovative? With studio tools you can create a creative and collaborative working environment in any room in no time at all.

Great effect for little money: If you now also consider the costs, then it is actually no longer a question. Meeting rooms are perhaps the most expensive rooms in your company. This is where your best-paid specialists and managers spend most of their (expensive) working time. Wouldn't it be a good investment to provide the best paid employees with a more productive, agile and innovative working environment?

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