Bandwidth is the new flexibility


Whether you only need 1 whiteboard in one moment, 15 in the next and 7 shortly afterwards - with the Design Thinking Set you can cover the entire bandwidth - on less than 1m² of storage space.

The idea behind Studiotools is the insight that innovative and agile teams have very fluctuating demands on their working environment. What they need is a maximum bandwidth of infrastructure that can be used fast, mobile, space-saving and variable.


Variable bandwidth


In collaborative work structures, infrastructure requirements are constantly changing. Even within a short meeting they can change several times:

Once I need a lot of space. Then I want to present the research results as extensively as possible. Shortly afterwards I need as many individual visualization areas as possible to work something out in teams of 2. Afterwards I would like to discuss the results in the forum and finally transport the whole thing into another space.

Agile methods and design thinking require exactly this bandwidth of infrastructure - and that's exactly what Studiotools was developed for.

Studiotools allows teams to always have the tools they need available in sufficient quantity - without having to fill half the room. Studiotools is a system with maximum bandwidth: fast, mobile, space-saving and multifunctional.




You need neither tools nor special knowledge. Thanks to consistent lightweight construction and self-explanatory functions, everything can be assembled, modified and dismantled by one person in no time at all.


Everything is on wheels - or so light that it can be carried easily. Ideal for quick and easy adaptation of the working environment to situational requirements. Thanks to the consistent lightweight construction, even an entire Design Thinking Set can be easily transported by one person.

Ultra compakt

What requires more than 10m² for other systems fits on 1m² for the Studiotools Design Thinking Set - and can therefore be stored where it is needed. 50 monstrous whiteboards in the basement are useless. Only what is immediately available is used.


With Studiotools you have countless options with just a few products. Most products combine several functions in one.


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