How many boards per person?

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How much of what?


Again and again the question arises: "how much, what do I need for my team? The short answer: The Design Thinking Set is designed for teams of 4 to 8 people.

The long answer is a bit more differentiated. Of course, it's something completely different whether I work permanently on a project with a Design Thinking team and also do Deep Dive User Research, whether I just want to conduct short workshops or equip a design or development studio.

Here are some rules of thumb, based on the orders / repeat orders from our customers and our experience:

For Design Thinking

  • For workshops per person and day: ∅ 0.5 - 1 Studioboard (if without Deep Dives), respectively 1 - 2 Studioboars (if with Deep Dives)

  • For permanent Design Thinking Teams: ∅ 3 - 5 studio boards per person, respectively at least 5 studio boards, if Deep Dive research (photos, interviews, behavior diaries, etc.) should get stuck on the boards during the project.

  • Per person regardless of duration: 1 Cube

  • Per group (i.e. if the team is divided into small groups, e.g. groups of 2 or 3 to work out a little more detail): 1 standing table, 1 toolbox and 1 easel (or 2 wall rails).

  • From the second room that is used, 1 trolley per room.

For agile software development

  • At least ∅ 1 Studioboard per employee (we have customers with >100 employees who use the double, depending of course strongly on the work culture).

  • Other studio tool products, similar number as for studios (see below).

For Studios
(e.g. design, technology, innovation, architecture companies).

  • At least ∅ 2 studio boards per employee with less than 20 employees (all, incl. back office), or at least ∅ 1.5 studio boards per employee with more than 20 employees.

  • 1 standing table, 1 toolbox, 1 easel for each flexible workspace / room, correspondingly more for large areas (number per group).

  • Additional Wall-Rails for free wall areas (by area).

  • At least 1 cube per 5 studio boards (excl. boards on the wall rails)

  • 1 trolley per 15 - 30 boards (excl. boards at the wall rails).

In general

It is worthwhile to be a little more generous with the studio boards. This not only has the advantage that you can visualize and work on a large area, but also that you can use the boards in several rooms, use them as temporary room dividers or don't have to wipe everything out. So you can leave things standing and continue working on them with a fresh head or input at a later point in time. "Connecting the dots" is easier when you see the "dots".