Next Generation


The ultralight superagile whiteboard


Ultralight = Super agile

Due to the minimal weight of just 5Kg (2.5Kg / m²) the Studioboards can be transported easily and quickly. When it comes to weight, we make no compromises. The larger an object, the greater the centrifugal forces. Whether a whiteboard weighs 2 kilos more or less may look like little - but it makes a huge difference in use.


Jointless reinforced edges

No joints, no shadows and no overhanging frame. This is not only due to our design approach - it also prevents the accumulation of dirt and paint residues. The edges of the Studioboard Pro are protected against mechanical damage by the use of plywood.


super Fast

You don't need tools or special knowledge. Thanks to consistent lightweight construction and self-explanatory functions, everything can be set up and dismantled by one person in no time at all - and with the new magnetic clips, everything goes even faster.



Forever is perhaps slightly exaggerated - but they stick really well and long. This is in contrast to usual whiteboards, where even the expensive "super sticky" Post-Its don't stick very well. Due to our matt surface coating Post-Its and all other sticky notes stick especially well and long. Anyone who is involved with design thinking and other agile methods knows how important this is.

Whiteboard, Dry Erase Board, auf Marker und Wipes abgestimmte Oberfläche

superior surface technology

The Studioboard Pro is finished with a super matt high-performance whiteboard coating. The ink of the whiteboard markers and the cleaning agent of the cleaning cloths are matched to it. This synchronisation of the surface technology provides an optimum result for intensive use.

The matt surface is no triviality, but extremely important for agile applications. If there are 5 or 10 boards in a room and it reflects and mirrors from all sides, the result is not only distracting and irritating - it also leads to a very unpleasant work atmosphere. The Studioboards Pro have now a super matt, haptically superior surface without the usual reflections.

Space saving

With a depth of only 15 mm, the studio boards can be stored in an extremely space-saving manner. For example, 60 boards require only one square metre of floor space. Up to 30 boards can be stored on one trolley, which corresponds to 120 m² of working space.

Studioboards mit Transportwagen für Meetingräume und Coworking Spaces


Uncoated Post-It Board

    • Uncoated
    • Ultralight (4Kg)
    • Kraftpaper (surface & edges)
    • 1850 x 1100 x 15mm


One-sided Whiteboard

  • One-sided whiteboard coating
  • Ultralight (5Kg)
  • Surface: High Pressure Laminate
  • Edges: Laminated wood
  • 1850 x 1100 x 15mm


Double-sided Whiteboard

  • Double-sided whiteboard coating
  • Ultralight (5Kg)
  • Surface: High Pressure Laminate
  • Edges: Laminated wood
  • 1850 x 1100 x 15mm