Architects shape the future 

The future of work and society. The environment and the spaces in which great, exciting and brilliant things are created. We want to be part of this development. We believe that sooner or later all offices will evolve into "studios" - routine jobs will be automated much faster than most people think. What remains is creativity as a lever for value creation. That's what Studiotools was created for. Studiotools is at home in all those projects where lightness, speed and flexibility determine the working culture.

Its compact size and ultralight construction allows Studiotools to offer a much wider flexibility - especially in large quantities. Not every Studioboard has to have its own fixed place - floating free they find their place where they are needed. And if you need a lot of space for other things, the Studioboards are quickly out of the way and compactly stowed (up to 60 boards per m2). 

Ressources for Workspace Architects

Quick overview [pdf]

3D Files [dwg, stp ]

Planning [quantities, usage]

Background [design, material, sustainability]

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