– OUR Mission –

Tools For Studios

We are studio tools. Our brand name denotes our focus. We make tools for studios.

Our customers include the most renowned design studios, architecture studios and leading studios for technology and innovation. They shape the future - and our mission is to provide the best tools for it.

Tools with high demands on quality and design. Tools made for the agile methods of a new generation of creatively driven organizations.


– How it came to be –

Where can we order?

It is this sentence that we have heard too often to remain inactive. What we mean is our improvised, homemade furniture, partitions and whiteboards in our design and innovation studio, where we have developed new products and business models for technology, finance and pharmaceutical companies.

It took us a while to realize that this could be a business. It's 2017, we don't really believe it yet. We are also developing our improvised facility further and building a homepage. Shortly before the end of the year we start the pilot test. Within a few days we will generate more sales than we have planned for half a year.

Now we have a huge problem. A delivery problem. What started as a test of a side project turns out to be a potentially scalable business model. But our structures are not yet there - starting with the supply chain via IT to logistics. However, customer feedback is very positive - even if there are some "teething troubles" to be solved. Orders and enquiries continue to be received on the basis of recommendations. We can deliver little by little and experience the typical ups and downs in the set-up of an industrial supply chain.

The enquiries from dealers from all over Europe, the winning of numerous design awards and last but not least the positive feedback from users confirm us. We have "tasted blood", we really want to get going and establish studio tools internationally as a design brand for agile and flexible studio facilities. The teething troubles have now been solved, the IT and supply chain processes are running as they should - and we are now delivering to perhaps the most innovative and exciting studios in Europe.