Zubehörset Cover

Accessory Kit

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Scope of delivery 2 microfibre cloths; 2 boxes of cleaning cloths, 1 set of whiteboard markers (12 pcs.) ― Delivery in cardboard packaging by parcel service.

Synchronized Surface Technology


By synchronizing the surface technology we achieve an optimal result for intensive use without color shadows forming on the whiteboard over time. This means that the ink of the whiteboard markers is matched to the surface of the whiteboard coating - and the cleaning agent of the cleaning cloths is matched to it.  


Set 12 Pens

Whiteboard Pens

Each accessory set contains 12 whiteboard pens in 6 colours. The pens are low-odour, have a bullet-shape fibre tip and are tested according to all current certifications (EN71, LHAMA ASTM D4236, REACH, TRA, BS7272). Ø 19mm x 130mm.


2 Box SEt of

cleaning cloths

30 wet cleaning cloths (20 x 30 cm) each are contained in a reclosable box. One set contains 2 boxes. The cleaning cloths are made of spun-bonded non-woven materials and are produced according to GMP / FDA standards. They are ideal for large-area cleaning of heavily used studio boards.


SEt of 2


The black microfibre cloths are ideal for correcting or cleaning studio boards. Size: 20 x 30 cm. One set contains 2 cloths.



Additional recommended accessories


Removable Tape

Instead of magnets or pins, we recommend using Scotch's removable adhesive strips. It holds on all smooth surfaces and can even be removed from paper without leaving any residue, making it easy to reposition (such as Post-It Notes). If you are interested you can find the tape under the following  link.

Removable Tape

Washi Tape for Kanban Boards

Do you want to make your own Kanban Boards? Then we recommend you to use the  Washi Tapes from 3M. We have used them excessively and can only report positive experiences. They are available in many colours and can be removed without residue.